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The Happy Hearts’ Adoption Network

Finding a dog can be challenging. There are so many different adoption options that it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you wish to adopt from a rescue, let us navigate the rescue world and do the work for you. Once we have determined which type of dog fits your lifestyle during our Start Off Right program, we’ll introduce you to matches in our adoption network.

Pre-Requisite: ‘Start Off Right’ Program
In order to know the type of dog that we are looking to match you with, you must first complete our Start Off Right program. This will give us the information we’ll need to find your perfect match, and becoming Happy Hearts Certified makes you a better adoption candidate.

Already Completed the
Start Off Right program?
 Great! You’re ready for Matching Hearts!

Get Matched with Compatible Dogs

Happy Hearts will actively search for your Perfect Match through the following avenues:

Local Dog Rescues

We will consult our network of dog rescues where a compatible match may be waiting for you.

Rescue Partners’ Foster to Adopt Program

We have partnered with rescues to develop a special Foster to Adopt Program. The intention of this program is to place dogs entering the rescue system into their forever homes initially as fosters in order to get the support of the rescue for the medical or training help that they need, with the end goal of an adoption or “foster fail”.

Owner Surrender Private Adoptions

People who have to re-home their dogs can register their dog with Happy Hearts, thus avoiding the rescue system. We will match them directly with my compatible clients, keeping the dog out of the rescue system and ensuring less stress for him as he transitions homes.

Presentation of Matches

We will match you with up to four compatible dogs that are looking for their forever homes. Each match will be presented to you as soon as it is found. All introductions will be made via email or phone call, depending on the nature and urgency of the adoption. Once an introduction is made, we will explain why we feel the dog is a match for you, and we will determine if you should proceed with an adoption application. It is then up to you to complete the adoption requirements for the particular organization that has the dog in a timely manner, including attaching your Happy Hearts Certificate to your application. We can assist in private adoptions and will be a reference for all adoptions.

Given the nature of dog rescue and who is available, there is no guaranteed time frame in which this may happen. Adopting a dog requires patience to find the right one from the right source.

Matching Hearts


Doing your own search?
 We’ll keep our eyes open!

The “Keep Our Eyes Open” Match

If you are comfortable doing your own search, and just want us to “keep our eyes open”, you can register in our database for potential matches we come across. This is not an active search for your Perfect Match, but if we come across a dog that we think is the right match for you, we will let you know. You must have become Happy Hearts Certified through our Start Off Right Program in order to register in this database. Matches will be presented the same as above up to a limit of 4 compatible dogs.

Keep Our Eyes Open


Matching Hearts, Healing Hearts

“In 2015, after losing our beloved Marley to an aggressive cancer, I approached Cheryl to ask her if she might know of a dog who needed a home. She responded right away with a match for us through a local (to her) rescue. Marcus was not the easiest dog to find a home for as he had (and still has) some ongoing health issues. But she was able to see that he was the perfect fit for our home and level of experience and commitment. We spent hours discussing his history to ensure that we were all satisfied that it would be a good move for all of us, and our application was approved! We welcomed Marcus into our family in July of 2015, and have never looked back. He has integrated seamlessly into our family and brings us joy every day.”

– Jessica, Toronto

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