Rescue Partnership

We are huge supporters of dog rescue. We know how challenging and emotional it can be. There never seems to be enough volunteers, money or time but there is always an abundance of dogs.

Let us help. By partnering with Happy Hearts, we can relieve some of your pressure of screening qualified adopters. Every shelter and rescue wants their dog to go to a committed home who has taken the time to ensure they are adopting the right dog. Our programs help the adopter make an informed and thoughtful adoption decision and empowers them with the knowledge they need to create a special bond. When you see a Happy Hearts applicant, you’ll know that they have taken the time to prepare for dog ownership and find the right dog. They are very likely a great candidate for your dog. With thoughtful adoptions and empowered connections, more dogs will stay in their forever homes.

Are You A Dog Rescue?

We are looking for rescues to work closely with to assist in finding your dogs their forever home. 

A partnership with Happy Hearts means that we will work with you and your systems to provide you with pre-screened, qualified applicants for your dogs.

What we provide:

  • An initial discussion to learn how best we can support you in the adoption of your dogs.
  • Ongoing support & collaboration to find homes for your foster-to-adopt and difficult to adopt dogs. We can also help with owner surrenders. More details below.

Optional based on your comfort level:

  • A listing/link on our website highlighting you as a Rescue Partner.
  • An introduction to our Partnership through our social media channels.
  • Continued promotion of your rescue efforts on our social media channels.

What we’re asking of you: 

  • A rescue contact to closely work with Happy Hearts to ensure we are providing value and discuss possible matches for our clients.
  • Happy Hearts certified homes are always considered when applying for a dog. 
  • Optional: active referrals when you think a client could benefit from our programs. (you receive a $25 donation for every client referred)

Each client referral that goes through one of our programs will earn your rescue a $25 donation. Donations are accumulated and paid out on a monthly basis.

Check out our Rescue-Focused Programs to see how we can help you!

Rescue-Focused Programs

Happy Hearts Certification

Since we work so closely with our clients, we’re able to pre-screen and Certify the adopter through our personal coaching and online educational videos. Being Happy Hearts Certified means they come with the knowledge and tools needed to best accommodate their brand new family member. You get pre-screened, qualified adopters, thus increasing the success of the dogs staying in their new home. Once you see that an application is HH Certified, you know that they have done the work to prepare themselves to bring the right dog into their home. They come with the knowledge and tools needed to best accommodate their brand new family member.

Foster-to-Adopt Program

We know how hard it is to find foster homes. In addition, some dogs go from foster to foster to foster before finding their forever home, increasing their stress through all of the changes they experience in the rescue system, not to mention your stress from always having to match them with a new foster. We will work with you to set up a Foster to Adopt program where we match our HH Certified client to your incoming or current foster dog looking for a home. The relationship will start as a foster with the support of your rescue with the ultimate goal of them adopting the dog. This benefits you because of less work finding suitable fosters and benefits the dog because they experience fewer moves before finding their forever home.

Owner Surrenders

Owners often come to rescues looking for your help in re-homing their dog. This can lead to the dog entering into the foster system, causing them stress from the number of changes they will experience. If you refer owners to Happy Hearts, we may match them to a HH Certified client looking for that particular dog and manage a private adoption. This benefits you because you’ll take less owner surrenders into your rescue, and benefits the dog because they experience fewer moves before finding their forever home

Difficult to Adopt Program

Every rescue has some dogs who are overlooked because they have special needs, or for whatever reason, just don’t stand out from the crowd. We will get to know these dogs and can discuss them with our HH Certified clients who may never have considered them otherwise. We can highlight how they might fit into their family better than they may realize, and with our support, they can adopt an overlooked dog. Sometimes a discussion is the best way to show a dog’s true, amazing qualities that might not shine on paper.

If you have more ways in which we can help support you, let us know! We’d love to develop as many programs as we can to find dogs their forever homes.

Think we’d make a good team?

So do we!