Smooth Transition

Guidance For Welcoming Them Home

Happy Hearts’ ‘Smooth Transition’ program can help guide you through the ups and downs of welcoming home your newest family member with confidence via private coaching and our tailor-made online training program.

The first 3 months after adoption are the most important time for everyone. Your dog needs time to settle into their new life and this is the time when dogs are most likely to be returned to rescue. Sometimes the adopter isn’t prepared for the changes that are going to happen or know what to expect from the dog.

Each dog is different, but there are many common things that can happen. Let Happy Hearts help you in the transition.

Want some support during your transition to dog ownership?
You are not alone when you have our guidance.

Smooth Transition: Online Training Sessions

We start with a consultation to help us develop a tailor-made training program to guide you during the transition home. We will get to know your dog, the specific things you are concerned about, and where you might need the most help.

Then we will develop a tailor-made program of 8 online training sessions to help you with the knowledge you’ll need to make the transition an easy one for your family, and your new dog. These sessions are accompanied by written material.

The plan will include 5 standard sessions that are provided for everyone, and 3 specifically chosen for your individual situation. Extra sessions can be purchased separately.

Standard Sessions:

1. Puppy Priorities OR Helping an adult dog adjust to change

2. Preparing for your dog’s arrival

3. Don’t Punish the Growl

4. Understanding Dog Talk

5. Bonding with Your Dog

Individually Chosen Topics Include:

1. Choosing your pet professionals

2. Introducing your new dog to your family dogs

3. Introducing your new dog to your cat

4. Your dog’s diet

5. Training basics

6. Kids and dogs

7. Shy or fearful dogs

8. Dog play and dog parks

9. Separation Anxiety

Support Consultations

4 x 1-hour bi-weekly consultations to help coach you through any issues that may arise during the first 8 weeks together.

Unlimited Email Access

You’ll have unlimited email access to us to support you and answer any questions that arise during the first 8 weeks.

Smooth Transition


Transition with Confidence!

“After adopting a new (and young) dog, I contacted Cheryl just to let her know.  I had some concerns with the dog as well and though I hadn’t explicitly asked, Cheryl offered some advice which greatly helped to put things in perspective as well as to put my mind at ease. Cheryl felt my stress and anxiety regarding this adoption and provided sound advice to help me understand the stresses that my dog had likely been under, timing around expectations, as well as training suggestions.

In summary, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cheryl.  I know that her experience with dogs extends far beyond my own personal boarding experiences with her but put simply: Cheryl loves dogs and she knows dogs.  And I’m grateful to have met her many years ago.  Both my dogs’ lives and that of my own are better for knowing her.”

– Steve, Ottawa

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