So you think you love a PUG?

I mean, look at me! I’m so Pugly and cute!

You’ll melt into my big eyes and adorable head tilt.

First I’ll steal your heart, then I’ll steal your bed.

I don’t bark much. I prefer snorts, sniffles and grunts.

I like long naps on rainy days, long naps on sunny days, and long naps on snowy days.

Short walks on sunny days only please.

I’m a party animal! I got jokes! Clowning is my game!

I’ll follow you to the bathroom and kitchen and bedroom and living room… you never have to be alone again. 

I like to spread peace and love throughout the world. I want to be everyone’s best friend, two-leggeds and four-leggeds!

Take me home to your family and they will LOVE me. I’m a great playmate for the littles too!

I’ll need a padded expense account for my vet bills and snack habit.

Adopt me and I’ll give you my heart and humour forever.

Cheryl Caswell

Founder and Professional Dog Lover,
Happy Hearts Dog Adoption Services

Since 2001, I’ve dedicated much of my life to dogs by caring for thousands of them through Dogs at Camp Ottawa, my kennel-free boarding/daycamp business, and It’s a Dog’s Life, my dog daycare in Toronto. I am the mom to 6 beautiful rescues, volunteer with local Ottawa dog rescues, and have fostered over 70 dogs since 2009.

I’m asked fairly regularly to help people who are experiencing problems with their dog, or who want advice on what type of dog to adopt – and so Happy Hearts Dog Adoption Services came to life!

I believe that if people are more prepared and knowledgeable, more dogs will stay in their forever home

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